PHENOMENA is a world-building tool and experience for designers that approaches caring for our planet through the radical act of joy. It fosters open collaboration among teams through participatory design methods, and situates play as central to the design process. The tool is intended to offer an alternative design methodology, establish meaningful connections with our planet, and democratize the pursuit of solving world problems.
Created under the MA Future Design program at Prague City University. Hosted workshops at the Futures Conference 2022—Planetary Futures of Health and Wellbeing, DRS 2022 Bilbao, and PDC 2022.
Screenshot from webite

Access the tool at

Parts of PHENOMENA tool that includes RECOLLECTION cards, DISCOVERY cards, Sensation token, Object token, Idea token, Action token, and Design tokens.

Anatomy of PHENOMENA.

Screenshot from test session of PHENOMENA on Miro.

During the course of my research, I conducted usability tests with participants ranging from educators to designers. We used the visual collaboration platform Miro. The following were designs produced from the tests:

Check-In Dinners: Neighbors bring locally-sourced or backyard ingredients to a communal kitchen, cook a meal together, and connect through the joy of eating. The map addresses the need for neighborhood wellbeing and community “check-ins,” as well as the importance of localized farming as a means of sustainable consumption. It was initially created as two separate designs that were eventually connected at the end of the session, as the group discovered value in merging the two concepts.

GreenRespect: Encouraging intergenerational care and experience of green spaces through artivism (art as activism) with students and events that involve multiple generations of family members. This map addresses issues around ways in which nature is used and preserved over long periods of time, especially in densely urban areas.

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