(portrait by Vicky Bai)
RUTH ISABEL GUERRA is an interdisciplinary artist and storyteller based in Los Angeles. She holds a B.A. in Theatre Arts from Sewanee: The University of the South and studied film production at FAMU in Prague, Czech Republic. She is a C'15 Television Academy Foundation internship alum and the lead curator for Cool Girls Collective.
Maudlin House / Snapchat / Dinner Party / F-Stop Magazine.

Female Filmmakers Film Festival, "You're Late." 2016.
Hollywood Fringe Festival. Somewhere Between Cosmo and the Bible, solo production, 2017.
Hollywood Fringe Festival. Death of a Mailman, stage direction, 2018.
 Austin Film Festival / Beyond Fest / FilmQuest. Murderabiliac, production design, 2019.

Finalist for "Diversity in American Theatre Award," sponsored by Urban Theatre Movement, at the Hollywood Fringe Festival. Somewhere Between Cosmo and the Bible, 2017.
Semi-Finalist at the Los Angeles CineFest. "You're Late." 2017.
Nominated for "Best Art Direction/Production Design—Short" at FilmQuest. Murderabiliac, 2019.
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